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(5M) 16.4ft LED Light Strips W/ Big Remote

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Package includes:
  • 1x 5M (16.4Ft) Waterproof RGB 300 Color LED Strip Light
  • 1x IR Big Remote Controller
  • 1x Wall Plug (USA, EU, AU, UK)

    Why wish? when you could easily change the vibe and feeling of your room without the expensive cost! Transform your room today with our #1 Reviewed Official LED Light Strips! and Viral GalaxyLight Projector™ to complete your room makeover! Add a unique glow to every corner of your room, desk, t.v, bed etc. with over 300 colors!
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    Have a larger or master bedroom? We recommend 2 sets of our 32ft LED Bundle & Save option. FREE WiFi Receiver and FREE Sync Cable included to control your lights at the palm of your hands via our app. Want the same features to control your LED Lights at the comfort of your phone for a standard room? Upgrade to our 16ft Wifi LED Bundle.



    Official LED Light Strips come with a durable strength adhesive that will help stick to any surface! Simply peel back the protective plastic revealing the sticky adhesive. Our strips are cuttable along the *designated marks, this allows for a correct fit on any angle/corner. Give your room a massive makeover without the expensive cost!


    We always recommend 3-4 strips to help cover a normal standard size room! This would cover all 4 walls however, be sure to measure your room so you have a better idea as to how many you will need. At minimum for your TV, desk or bed we recommend 1 strip for each area you'd like to bring to light! For all gamers, master chief recommends 2-3 strips will be enough to cover your entire gaming setup.

        Bluetooth Available Options 

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        16.4ft WiFi LED Light Strips:

        • 1x 5M (16.4Ft) LED Strip Light
        • 1x Wireless Receiver (w/App via iOS & Android)
        • 1x IR Remote Controller (batteries not included)
        • 1x Wall Power Supply

        32ft LED Bundle & Save:

        • 2x 5M (16.4Ft) RGB 300 Color LED Strip Light
        • 1x Wireless Receiver (w/App via iOS & Android)
        • 1x IR Remote Controller (batteries not included)
        • 1x Wall Power Supply
        • 1x Sync Cable to connect both strips to one controller

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