GalaxyLight Projector

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2020 GalaxyLight Projector UPGRADED LATEST 'BEST' MODEL

  • The 2020 GalaxyLight Projector projects thousands of stunning green stars which rotates very slowly over time, replicating the motion of the earth, This transforms the Largest or Smallest Rooms into Your Own Personal Animated Universe, ITS THE BEST GALAXY PROJECTOR ON THE MARKET!
  • The NEW GalaxyLight Projector has a 2 hour automatic shut off timer, so the laser light shouldn't burn out so fast, so you can enjoy the romantic shooting stars to the fullest.
  • The blue cloud makes the GalaxyLight Projector more romantic, with the option to turn it on or off, or just dim the cloud to match the level that you want it, This makes it the BEST STARS NIGHT LIGHT
  • This star projector for ceiling is fully adjustable, requires no set up, just point it to any direction and the home theatre night sky ceiling projector will fill your bedroom with romantic and relaxing stars

This galaxy light is fabulous for a romantic evening! or for DJ parties to set the mood!

Anyone that sees this laser lights projector is blown away and immediately wants one of their own.